The Bitcoin 1 Sat Torch (“1ST”)

With this chain, we can, step by step, pass 1 sat around the world to more and more influential people, all while they see the magic of Bitcoin.


  • You must download Wallet of Satoshi (WoS) to your phone. Other apps won’t work, as payment between WoS apps on lightning is free.
  • All participants (except the initial carrier) must be a NOCOINER.
  • You must agree to pass the 1 sat on to someone who you think knows more people than you in this world (online or in person). It can be someone with more Twitter followers than you, or someone who is more likeable and has more friends 😂. That person must agree to explicitly agree to and follow the “1ST” rules.
  • The receiver must also agree to post on the Twitter thread (the #OneSatChain) the 1 Sat balance of their wallet, and then pass the 1 sat on.
  • Please make an effort to not go straight to the top in one move if you know someone extraordinarily famous – we want volume, not speed, as we get to the top.