Articles/Videos with my Comments

This will be a growing list of content (articles, podcasts, videos etc) in random order that I have absorbed, and believe have value, sometimes followed by some commentary.

#1 Why America Can’t Regulate Bitcoin – Beutyon

Argues that Bitcoin is all text, and the constitution of the USA prevents congress from prohibiting speech. Leading to the assertion that America cannot regulate Bitcoin under its current legal system. The first amendment would need to be revoked.

Like PGP which was unsuccessfully banned, Bitcoin, because it can be printed on paper, and is just messaging, can not be challenged.

Bitcoin is:

  1. Pieces of software that can be rendered as printed text on paper
  2. Software that generates unique blocks of human-readable text
  3. Designed to generate text that is 100% covered by the First Amendment
#2 Are Chinese Miners A Threat to Bitcoin? – Jameson Lopp

This does a good job of addressing concerns about mining centralisation in China. Explains the game theory of such an attack from the perspective of an attacker trying to profit, and from the perspective of an attacker trying to destroy Bitcoin.

#3 Response to FUD that regulators will regulate self-hosted wallets – Andreas Antonopoulos

The best response that I have heard to this. Explains why it is futile, why it hurts exchanges, and (doesn’t explicitly say it) helps Bitcoin.

#4 Guide for setting up ColdCard Wallet with Specter Wallet – Ben Kaufman

A nice Tweet thread showing you how to do this with pictures.

#5 Why does Bitcoin have value? – Jeffrey A Tucker

A great piece explaining how Bitcoin in fact does meet the requirements of money stated in Mises’ regression theorem. Bitcoin DOES have intrinsic value like gold. (Nothing has intrinsic value by the way).

#6 A great Twitter thread (reposted by Ben Prentice) taking Ethereum apart. – Tuur Demeester

I don’t have much to add except that Ethereum is a scam.

#7 Bitcoin Astronomy – Dhruv Bansal (Unchained Capital)

This is one of my favourite Bitcoin pieces. It’s fantasy, very imaginative, but not implausible. What happens to Bitcoin when we colonise Mars? How will it function? Will there be a split? The article contains a link at the top to a reading by Guy Swann in case you prefer to absorb content aurally.

#8 Why you should #DeleteCoinbase – BTC Sessions

Coinbase is evil and no friend of Bitcoin. Great video explaining why. A bit long, and best watched at 1.5 to 2.0x speed.

#9 Cypherpunks Write Code. 4 Part Series – Reason TV


Wonderful documentary describing the history of the cypherpunks, the development of the internet, and cryptography, all leading to Bitcoin.

#10 Why you don’t need to earn a return if money was not flawed? Parker Lewis explains on Stephen Livera Podcast.
#11 Lyn Alden impartially tears apart Ethereum, read by Guy Swann.
#12 Back to basics: how Satoshi designed Bitcoin for censor resistance, by Bitcoin Pasada

Excellent Bitcoin article by @bitcoinpasada – I learned a fair bit. Most valuable/interesting for me was the explanation that proof-of-stake with limited or no inflation will lead to centralisation of stakeholders.

#13 Aleks Svetski interviews Edward Griffin, Podcast Episode 42. “The Creature from Jekyll Island”

I really enjoyed this discussion, exploring the games played by central banks to control humanity and the money supply. Towards the end, Aleks explains away some objections to Bitcoin, and presents beautifully how Bitcoin is actually the only possible hope we have to fight back against central banks and the terrible future that is in store for us otherwise.

#14 The case for Bitcoin Maximalism. RealVision interview with Brad Mills.

I really liked hearing about the history of Bitcoin vs altcoins and the Segwit 2x war. Great discussion that explains why Bitcoiners have Animosity towards altcoins.

#15 ‘I felt like a moron’ for not buying Bitcoin, says billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller

Another billionaire caving in, but the interesting thing for me is what really caught his attention: When Bitcoin crashed from $17,000 to $3,000, 86% of holders didn’t sell.

#16 Bitcoiners are not toxic – they have integrity. Tomer Strolight

Great piece explaining why integrity looks like toxicity

#17 Why Collectivists win. Content by Knut Svanholm, ready by Guy Swann

A video explaining how collectivists defeat individualists. Insights into how it works in a democracy, and political correctness.

#18 Shitcoin Apologism – Steelmanned, by Giacomo Zucco

This was a presentation at Bitcoin Honeybadger 2019 in Riga. Possibly my favourite Bitcoin presentation; very very funny.

#19 The Bitcoin Exam

Nice little exam to test your Bitcoin knowledge, courtesy of @SteffAllen1

#20 Ethan Timor (Bitaroo CEO) – a testimonial to Australian senate committee hearing.

Ethan distinguishes Bitcoin from Shitcoins and announces the establishment of the Australian Bitcoin Industry Body.

#21 Why The Yuppie Elite Dismiss Bitcoin

Croesus divides people into 4 quadrants from 2 variables: 1) trust in the system 2) IQ. An interesting explanation of what type of people are drawn to Bitcoin and what type are dismissive.

#22 Len Sassaman and Satoshi: a Cypherpunk History

An intriguing discussion suggesting Len may have been Satoshi, and some very interesting background.

#23 All of the World’s Money and Markets in One Visualization

How much is all the money in the world? This piece documents all the types of Stores of wealth. The estimate in 2008 was 2.1 quadrillion. It is currently totalling 2.75 quadrillion. It’s a nice coincidence that there are 2.1 quadrillion sats, the same as the total world SoV measured in dollars at the time Bitcoin was created. If all that SoV is captured by Bitcoin, that would give 1 Satoshi a value of $1 in today’s purchasing power. I have wondered for a while if Satoshi did that on purpose (knowing the addressable market cap is $2.1Q, and he created 2.1Q Satoshis to give each Satoshi a potential of $1 value. This would price Bitcoin at $100 million each).

#24 Jordon Peterson orange pilled by Saifedean Ammous

A great interview where JP asks excellent questions and receives excellent answers, and is orange pilled in real-time. Fascinating.

#25 Michael Saylor interviewed by Tucker Carlson

To date, the most compelling overall case for Bitcoin I’ve ever seen. It’s sounding like Saylor has been reading Parman!

#26 Human B, Documentary by @dergigi

#27 Wittgenstein’s Money – Allan Farrington

I found this one really interesting so I’m saving it.

#28 I Finance The Current Thing – Alan Farrington

#29 The Cypherpunks – Haseeb Qureshi

A great piece describing the history of the Cypherpunks and how they worked towards creating Bitcoin. Goes well with this video documentary (Cypherpunks Write Code).

#30 We’re NOT in this together. Tweet rant reply by @dergigi

Bitcoin resists shutdown by government, by design. Shitcoins don’t.

#31 How to secretly travel with bitcoin using Steganography – @marketsbylili

Hide you private info in digital photos. Be careful though.

#32 Blockchain 101

On-chain or Lightning