Mentorship Program with Parman

Bitcoin self sovereignty, while maintaining high security, safety, and privacy, can be difficult. It’s not for everyone. Few people will take the time to sift through and find the right information, and build their technical skills. It can be daunting.

It’s not that hard to get your coins off the exchange, as the bare minimum, but progressing to the next levels is not going to be all that common – because it’s hard.

So I have decided to offer a service to help individuals, 1-on-1, and get them Bitcoining properly, and if interested, taking security to the extreme. This is available in addition to the free resources that I have produced on this site. Some people need a bit more guidance and feel safer with supervision. I think that’s OK.

The service involves video calls and DMs over several months, or as long as it takes, to assist you getting to “level 8” storage , which includes safe key generation, storage, multisignature, running a node, mixing, KYC management, using the Lightning Network (we’ll open a channel between us), and inheritance planning.

I have room for a few more students. The cost is very cheap, and MUCH below the value you’ll receive.

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