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Need help with Bitcoin security, self-custody, and inheritance?

Bitcoin self-sovereignty, while maintaining high security, safety, and privacy. Few people will take the time to build their technical skills. It can be daunting.

It is crucial to get your coins off the exchange (safely!), as the bare minimum, but progressing beyond that is also important.

This is a one-to-one mentorship course (not a group/class), at your own pace, involving multiple video call meetings with me (Parman) – it could take weeks, or if you want to take your time, months.

The program includes …

  • Bitcoin knowledge (understanding private keys, blockchain, mining etc)
  • Running a node
  • Using a hardware wallet
  • Verifying Bitcoin software using gpg (public/private key cryptography verification and hashes)
  • Making a watching-only wallet
  • Making an air-gapped computer
  • Safe key generation
  • Safe key storage
  • Multisignature wallet generation
  • How to hide your coins on the blockchain
  • How to remove KYC tainting of coins
  • UTXO management
  • Using the Lightning Network
  • Inheritance planning

Please message me on Twitter or by email if you have questions.

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Reference #1:

Identity is hidden for privacy, but available on request, on a case-by-case basis.

Subject: Re: Reference for Parman (BTC mentorship program)


Thank you for your email. A few months ago I completed my mentorship with Parman. I already had a relatively high level of knowledge both in theory and in practice, but I had reached the maximum I could learn by myself and I realised that I needed a more complete, structural approach with particular focus on privacy and security.

Parman’s site was by far the best one I ever found, therefore I did not hesitate one moment to apply for a mentorship. It turned out to be the money best spent in years. Thanks to Parman I learned everything I needed to and more. Parman is an absolutely great teacher (being myself a university professor, I know something about it): he’s patient, focused on the essential, he manages to make complicated things very simple. In addition, he’s an extremely kind person. His in-depth technical knowledge about Bitcoin and his privacy/security standards in how to use Bitcoin are, I believe, the maximum that you can get on the market. Therefore, my answer to your first question is that I was extremely happy with his services.

The Zoom sessions worked great for me because they were flexible (which was exactly what I needed): they lasted the time needed for the topic discussed (no more and no less); we fixed the appointments when we were both available. Without this flexibility I probably would not have managed to complete the mentorship and certainly I would have enjoyed it much less. The membership process lasted approximately two months, give or take (more intense at the beginning, spontaneously less intense towards the end)…. My level of privacy and security (and therefore my confidence) in my use of Bitcoin increased enormously after this mentorship: even more than I expected. I warmly recommend him.

Kind regards,


Reference #2:

Identity is hidden for privacy, but available on request, on a case-by-case basis.

Subject: Reference for Parman (BTC Mentorship Program)


Glad to answer your questions regarding our experience with Parman. We had a unique situation that Parman helped navigate us through. He was very patient and kind as he helped us secure our bitcoin and he gave us sound advice on how to proceed with our situation. The Zoom sessions were easy, no problems. I can’t really answer your questions on how long the mentorship program took as our situation was unique, although we are going to send our son through his mentorship program this summer… Parman was very careful with our private information, often reminding us not to reveal too much.

All that being said, I can wholeheartedly recommend Parman’s mentorship program. He is a rare man of intellect and integrity. He is also very patient and understanding. We had a great experience and learned quite a bit.

Hope this helps, if I can answer any more questions, let me know.

Kind regards,


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