Mentorship Program with Parman

Bitcoin self-sovereignty, while maintaining high security, safety, and privacy. Few people will take the time to build their technical skills. It can be daunting.

It is crucial to get your coins off the exchange (safely!), as the bare minimum, but progressing beyond that is also important.

This is a one-on-one course, at your own pace, involving multiple video calls meetings – it could take weeks, or if you want to take your time, months. The program includes …

  • Bitcoin knowledge
  • Running a node
  • Using a hardware wallet
  • Verifying Bitcoin software using gpg (public/private key cryptography verification and hashes)
  • Making a watching only wallet
  • Making an air-gapped computer
  • Safe key generation
  • Safe key storage
  • Multisignature wallet generation
  • How to hide your coins on the blockchain
  • How to remove KYC tainting of coins
  • UTXO management
  • Using the Lightning Network (we’ll open a channel between us)
  • And inheritance planning

Please DM on Twitter or email if you have questions.

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