Parman’s General Approach to Orange Pilling

When failing to Orange Pill very resistant people, usually it’s not because you are explaining it wrong. They are just not ready, it’s not your fault. They’ll come back to you later. I know you’re thinking it, but don’t say, “have fun staying poor” to your friends. You want them to come back to you, learn, buy bitcoin, and join you in the citadel, instead of begging you for sats later.

Start with the problem before explaining the solution. Mention 21 million limit early. Wait for the, “How do you cash out?” question.

Answer, “Never, it’s going to be world money”, then field questions with freakin excellent answers.

Encourage small initial investment, and show my website and explain what they need to read. Explain size of stack will grow in parallel to learning, but soon they’ll feel super short Bitcoin, so learning is urgent.

It’s still early, even at this price, most people in the world haven’t bought yet.

Then do a custodial lightning wallet demo, Wallet of Satoshi (@walletofsatoshi ), from your app to their app (help install), then send payment back. Magic. Then 1 on 1 help setup a Bitcoin Only buying account. (I use, they are the best in Australia).

Then be ready to return later to help with first self-custody wallet (never a thing to do initially), and much later when they have too much to lose. I make them a bespoke “hardware wallet” with a Raspberry Pi Zero, for single sig, simultaneously with a watch only desktop wallet (Electrum).

For some people who are computer illiterate, leaving coins on a good exchange is safest. For others, a hardware wallet. I’ve been recommending the ColdCard, but BitBox2 looks good too, and I’ll explore that another time before recommending.

Let me know how you are going with it on Twitter.

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