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This site is dedicated to helping you progress your understanding of Bitcoin, and some of the technical aspects – easy, difficult, and outrageously extreme, but hopefully interesting. Personal help is available on request.

There’s something for all levels. Explore the menus above for various articles. This is a journey, and there is no requirement to go all the way. I’m just showing you the path (read below).

There are translations of various pages to many languages.

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Everything on this site is free, but some people have requested extra help. I have a 1-to-1 service to help you go through all the stages to full and secure self-sovereignty. See this page and contact me for details.

Why is Bitcoin Important to Humanity?

It’s vital to know the answer to this, and I explain here.

What is Bitcoin?

If you are starting out, and want to know more about Bitcoin, I suggest you look at:

A not too technical overview of this Bitcoin thing

followed by an article expanding on this and filled with links to useful resources:

The mother of all Orange Pills

If you want to know about the fundamentals of price, check out this page:

How Bitcoin Price Works

If you have been led to believe there are alternatives to Bitcoin, “altcoins”, no, stop, they are not alternatives, read this. There is only one digitally scarce money born in the free market that’s completely fair and open and not unilaterally controllable by any person or group.

How do I get bitcoin?

If you are ready to buy bitcoin, I explain how to buy from an exchange. It uses Bitaroo as an example, but the process is generally the same for other exchanges. This essay explains how to think about timing your purchases. Do your best to avoid altcoins. Here’s why. Trust me for now, but verify yourself as you learn more with time.

How do I store my bitcoin?

Once you accumulate bitcoin, you’ll soon want to learn how to keep it in your own custody. “Not your keys, not your bitcoin” – is the mantra for really good reasons.

I recommend taking self custody in stages. It’s not wise to attempt extreme security as soon as you have first learned about bitcoin – it’s safer actually to leave your coins on the exchange until you know what you are doing.

There are excellent reasons why you should get your coins off exchanges, as I explain here:

Six reasons to withdraw your bitcoin from exchanges (Bitcoin Magazine)

The stages of self custody, I named the “Zero Trust System” which I explain here:

The Zero Trust System

There are 8 levels. I recommend no skipping any of the levels as each level teaches you something about bitcoin security and how bitcoin works.

Run your own Node

It’s very important for Bitcoiners, for themselves and for the whole network, to run their own nodes. I elaborate why in this publication:

Six reasons why you should run your own node

In the menus above you’ll find various step-by-step guides (that almost anyone can do) for different types of node setups.

Hardware Wallet Help

For those who don’t want an entire course on Bitcoin, just some help to get their coins off the exchange securely, and ASAP.

Hardware Wallet Help

Bitcoin Security Review

For those who have a very secure system already, but want someone to double check and look for weaknesses.

Bitcoin Security Review

Bitcoin 4 Boomers

For those who want to keep it really simple and are not confident with computers, I have started a different service that keeps things more simple:

Bitcoin 4 Boomers

It’s a cheeky name, but no offence. I’m here to help people of all skill levels.


Self-custody or Shared-custody multisignature storage (similar to Casa or Unchained Captial, but way better 😉).

Inheritance Planning

This is not thought about enough. Everyone will need a different solution, not a cookie-cutter approach. Contact me for a consultation.


For those who prefer listening instead of reading, you will find audio links at the top of many of my pages. For a list of all pages with audio, see here.


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