Sparrow Bitcoin Wallet (ZeroTrust Level 3)

This is a very nice Bitcoin wallet for the Desktop. It is very user friendly and almost intuitive to use.

I would recommend people use this wallet if they are starting out. Another reason to learn to use Sparrow is that it will help you help others.

For my students, I go with Electrum Desktop Wallet, because although Electrum has quirks and pitfalls, under supervision these can be overcome, and leaves you with a more powerful tool compared to Sparrow. Sparrow also has the problem of not being compatible with computers that have ARM microprocessors (All Raspberry Pi devices).

A MAJOR advantage of Sparrow Bitcoin Wallet is that it does not require an Electrum Server, which is difficult to install, and if you want you can still choose to connect Sparrow to an Electrum server.

Before storing your coins yourself, you should follow my ZeroTrust system, Level two exercise, to get comfortable with Bitcoin private keys, restoring wallets, and making transactions with test amounts. Follow the level 2 instructions here.

Sparrow Wallet Self custody (ZeroTrust Level 3):

Install Bitcoin Core instructions

Download and run Sparrow Bitcoin Wallet

Connect Sparrow to Bitcoin Core

Various hardware wallet guides by brand


Static Lightning Address:

On-chain or Lightning