Electrum Server

Here are some guides on setting this server up together with a Bitcoin Core installation on various types of machines.

I don’t recommend you do this to start with, there are easier ways to connect Electrum Wallet to an Electrum Server by running a node package, like MyNode.

If you are wanting to use Bitcoin Core directly without a node package, and use Electrum Wallet, then you’re going to need to also manually install an Electrum Server.

Of the three I know (Electrum X, Electrs, and EPS), I found EPS the easiest to install and have made thorough guides. Be warned that it’s quite limited though, you can only connect one wallet at a time to EPS, and it’s slow.

It’s not a bad project to undertake to help you learn some technical skills.

Electrum Personal Server

Guide 1: Raspberry Pi

Guide 2: Mac

Guide 3: Windows Virtual Box running Linux

Electrs & Electrum X

If I succeed in testing out Electrs or Electrum X, I’ll add guides here in the future.

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