Insanely Bullish Bitcoin Content

This is a collection of links that are insanely bullish, but may not be the best things to show a pre-coiner or a brand new Bitcoiner. It is not exhaustive. It was created in February 2021 and shall grow with time. Bullishness alone is not enough to make the cut. It must be INSANELY bullish.

Peter McCormack interviews American HODL and Preston Pysch, right after Tesla/Elon Musk announce $1.5 billion bitcoin purchase.

Michael Saylor Interviews NYDIG Chair Ross Stevens on Bitcoin -MicroStrategy Conference: Feb 3 2021

Preston Pysch chatting with Stephan Livera, explains why it’s possible this cycle could be “the one”

Godfrey Bloom realises he is short Bitcoin while being interviewed. And another follow up interview a couple of months later.

Jack Mallers being interviewed by Preston Pysch

Vijay Boyapati with Stephan Livera. Episode 233. Worth listening to all his appearances.

Bitcoin TINA with Marty Bent on Tales from the Crypt, episode 215

Guy Swann in an amazing rousing and passionate speech.

Lyn Alden became a Bitcoin Bull, and explained why.

Why you can’t take my bitcoin. Michael Saylor explains how anyone ca say FU.

Analyzing Bitcoin’s Network Effect – Lyn Alden comprehensively explains network effects, and Bitcoin’s network effect lead.

Jack Mallers announces that El Salvador will acknowledge Bitcoin as legal tender and add Bitcoin to the nation’s balance sheet in an emotional speech at Bitcoin Miami 2021

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