On-chain or Lightning

On-chain or Lightning Need Tor Browser

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Static Lightning Address:

Zap on NOSTR:


To learn to use the payment app, see the instructions below.

On-chain or Lightning

INSTRUCTIONS to use the POS app

  1. Click the donate button, it will open a new tab where the online point-of-sale app lives. You then enter a number (in sats) otherwise it won’t work. Don’t just click the button for a zero sat payment.

Wait a few seconds after clicking “Create invoice” and a new page will appear. Click the Bitcoin drop-down menu (circled in blue below) to choose between Bitcoin on-chain or Bitcoin Lightning.

You then get a choice

Choosing on-chain:

Use the QR code with your wallet to pay, or click the COPY button to see the address:

Click the address (not the payment link) and this will copy the address to your clipboard.

You can then paste the address in your wallet to make a payment. You’ll see a timer on the top right of the app – don’t worry about that, the payment will still work even if you pay after the artificial deadline.

Choosing Lightning

If you chose lightning, you’ll get a different QR code.

The BOLT 11 invoice is what you scan with your lightning wallet to pay. The Node info button will reveal my lightning node public key and you can use that QR to open a channel with me instead.

If you don’t want to use the QR code, then click the copy button (blue circle below) and text will appear which you can copy to the clipboard (red circle below):

BTC Parman Pay

If you’d like a POS app like this on your website, or in your physical store on an iPad (or another tablet device), so customers can pay you in sats, I can be of assistance to set this up.


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On-chain or Lightning