ParmanVault – Multisignature Bitcoin Custody & Inheritance Planning

Get the benefits of storing your bitcoin off the exchange and in a secure multisignature NON-KYC wallet, using only OPEN SOURCE software.

This is tricky to do on your own for newcomers, and can be tricky even for those that are experienced too.

With this service, you’ll be introduced to safe Bitcoin storage practices and multisignature wallets, with guidance step by step along the way.

A 2 of 3 multisignature wallet will be made (or another combination if required/requested). The keys will be held as self custody or shared custody, completely the choice of the customer. Eg:

SELF CUSTODY OPTION: 2 of 3 multisignature wallet (or other), customer has all 3 keys. Set up guided by Parman.

SHARED CUSTODY OPTION: 2 of 3 multisignature wallet (or other), customer has 2 keys (in hardware wallets), Parman holds 1 key as a backup.

Software options: Only open source software will be used. Electrum, Sparrow, or Specter are all options. To be determined together.

Hardware options: A different brand of hardware wallet for each private key is optimal. I have tested and can recommend ColdCard and BitBox2.

Inheritance Planning:

In the event that you die, your heirs may not be skilled in accessing their bitcoin. This is a risk, particularly if they ask the wrong person for help. They could get scammed. Instead, they can be assisted by Parman to access their funds, without ever exposing their private key, or undoing any privacy you have maintained.


DM @parman_the on Twitter, or email for questions or to set up an initial consultation.

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