BTC Parman Pay

BTC Parman Pay is a service to help Bitcoiners accept bitcoin payments online or in a physical store.

Publishing a Bitcoin address online is terrible for privacy. There is a better way.

In addition, individual Bitcoin addresses don’t allow Lightning payments, which is essential if you anticipate multiple small payments. Lightning requires invoices, and generating them yourself manually for each individual is not workable if you want to scale.

To solve these problems, you can run a Bitcoin node, BTCPay Server, a Lightning node, and a Lightning wallet.

There 3 main steps involved:

  1. A BTCPay Server PoS app on a virtual private server (VPS), or your home computer (with a reverse proxy to a VPS to keep your IP address private).
  2. A customised point-of-sale app on your website, or at the physical store on a touchpad device like an iPad. Similar to the one you’ll see when you click the green donate button below, powered by Parman’s node.
  3. Optional access over Tor (for you and customers)

On-chain or Lightning

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