BTC Parman Pay

This is a service to help Bitcoiners accept Bitcoin payments in the public arena, such as online or in a physical store.

Publishing a Bitcoin address online is terrible for privacy. There is a better way.

In addition, individual Bitcoin addresses don’t allow Lightning payments; essential if you anticipate multiple small payments. Lightning requires invoices, and generating them yourself manually for each individual is not workable if you want to scale.

BTC Parman Pay is a solution, using open source software (BTC Pay Server), a full Bitcoin node, management of Lightning channels, invoices stored for all transactions, and high level security of your bitcoin – all customised to your needs and managed for you, hassel free, from anywhere in the world.

You’ll have a customised Point-of-sale app on your website, or at the physical store on a touchpad device like an iPad. Similar to this:

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