Run a Node!


An easy installation package for desktop computers was not available, so I built one. Available for Mac and Linux (not Windows). For Windows, see the last link below. Contact me if you can’t be bothered and want a ready-made system shipped to you.

Parman’s MyNode Guide

This is a decent Raspberry Pi node package. The free version of MyNode is well-featured. If you want your node to connect to others by Tor, then you need to pay for the premium version. I suggest you can just go with the free community edition, get comfortable, and then consider moving to RaspiBlitz – the equipment you need is exactly the same; you just have to flash the Raspbilitz file to the microSD card instead.

Parman’s RaspiBlitz Guide

If you want this to be super easy, you can buy a fully made node through the RaspiBlitz GitHub page.

My suggestion is you buy the necessary parts and build it yourself. You don’t need to buy a touchscreen (or any screen), that’s optional.

One advantage of RaspiBlitz is that you can run it over WiFi. This guide shows you how. (BTW, this is not possible with MyNode; it has to connect to an Ethernet cable).


I do not have a guide to an Umbrel setup as I don’t yet recommend it (that might change as Umbrel improves) – I’ve just provided a link to their webpage.

Parman’s Mac/Windows Guide

These are instructions to just install Bitcoin Core on a Mac or Windows.

On-chain or Lightning

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