Parman’s Bitcoin Estate Planning

Collaborative (Parman Vault) or Independent Bitcoin Custody

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Organising your inheritance structure, with or without the involvement of the state, on your own terms, with privacy, is not easy. There are many factors to consider, including:

  • If you can trust your heirs to not steal while you are alive (and ways to adjust your strategy)
  • How to prevent loss (eg increasing redundancy) without increasing the risk of theft (a trade-off)
  • Proper storage of wallet recovery information
  • How to ensure your heirs are not left helpless not knowing what to do (and potentially getting scammed when asking for help)
  • How to resist/minimise the state from taking a cut, particularly any KYC-free coins
  • Future-proofing your storage
  • Education of heirs while you are still alive
  • Playing out the disaster scenarios and adjusting strategy accordingly to risks that apply to you
  • Contingency planning for the simultaneous death of you and all heirs
  • Whether to incorporate the strategy into the execution of a will, or shall it be in parallel to a will?
  • Tax minimisation

Parman’s Estate Planning service helps you in two steps:

STEP 1: A thorough consultation with Parman to discuss your situation and design a strategy that works for you.

STEP 2 (optional): Learn with Parman how to set up DIY wallets safely and privately (single signature or multisignature, depending on step 1), or create a collaborative multisignature wallet, with or without Parman as a key-holder.

Please contact me for more information

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