Sunday Special

This is an egg dish my dad used to make us when we were kids. He didn’t usually cook, but when he did,

No, this is not my dad, LOL.

it was a Sunday morning as we watched the “Serie A” Italian soccer weekly recap, with the sweet sounds of our beloved commentators, Les Murry (RIP) and Martin Tyler.

We loved our “suçuk” which was always part of this dish (a traditional Turkish sausage), but I have left it out in my version – Turkish milkbars don’t sell the same suçuk as they used to in my country. Something has changed, probably regulations, cost cutting, gender identity issues, or climate change – who knows.

Besides the omission of suçuk, I’ve made other adjustments – there are no strict rules here.

To begin, fry a tomato, onion, and capsicum in tallow. Cook until you reach your desired level of browning.

Then add spices – eg paprika, cumin, fenugreek powder, mustard seeds, salt, pepper. Use the quantities as you see fit, it’s hard to go wrong. Tasting periodically is important to get it right, or at least learn from mistakes.

Variations – turmeric, fennel seed, yoghurt, sucuk, salami, bacon, cheese.

You may need to add a splash of water (or stock) to draw out cooking time and avoid burning.

Finally, make divets in the mixture and add egg(s) in them, cover to cook over egg surface.

I prefer the yolks not to solidify.

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