The Definitive Bitcoin Syllabus

March 2020. Last edit October 2020.

This is as succinct as possible list that I endorse to refer interested “precoiners” to. It will help them learn the correct information as quickly as possible and avoid seductive narratives from shitcoiners and scammers. I may update the list from time to time.

Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos has many good (early) videos on YouTube. It’s an easy way to absorb a lot of information. (Not very popular amongst Bitcoiners now due to altcoin shenanigans, but he is world-class in explaining Bitcoin nonetheless.)

Here are two videos I recommend starting with. The first discusses the “WHY” of Bitcoin. The second discusses “HOW”. It’s a bit more technical but an important video.

And this is a playlist to check out for later if there is time (Bitcoin for beginners):

Stephan Livera

A good way to ease into the subject is to listen to Stephan Livera’s podcast, particularly the first 4 episodes. Later, one should return to these and listen a second time.

I have listened on his website, Spotify, and YouTube.

Vijay Boyapati

This is a vital and famous document among Bitcoiners discussing the evolution of free market money by Vijay Boyapati, “The Bullish Case For Bitcoin”

Vijay appears on episodes 2, 17 and 40 of Stephan Livera’s podcast.

Saifedean Ammous

Doctor Ammous is an economist of the Austrian Theory. Really, it shouldn’t be called a theory, it is just the correct economics in my opinion. His book “The Bitcoin Standard” is the Bible for Bitcoiners. It is worth buying. I have bought many copies and given them away to friends and family. He teaches an online course in Austrian Economics, and he is soon to release a highly anticipated book, “The Fiat Standard”

Parker Lewis

Parker Lewis works and writes a blog with Unchained Capital. He has many brilliant articles.

Start on the last page, the second last article (Gradually, then suddenly), then work your way up to the most recent articles. (This is an excellent interview of Parker, with a summary of some of the concepts below, debunking FUD)

Nick Szabo

If I had to guess who is Satoshi, I would guess this man or Hal Finney.

Shelling out is an important article, written before Bitcoin was created Link

Nakamoto Institue


Here you will find some of the articles I have mentioned, and also the Bitcoin white paper. I recommend reading this, but not at first, it is technical.

Arman The Parman


This article helps one understand what’s under the hood regarding the bitcoin price:

What is the True Value of Bitcoin?

Jimmy Song

Jimmy is an expert. Listen to Jimmy.

This is an excellent article about the problems of fiat money Link

Twitter &

Twitter is a great place to learn about bitcoin, but only if you follow the right people. ranks the best of them

Robert Breedlove

A spectacular article, an in-depth discussion about the problems of the world caused by central banking, and theft of human time via inflation.

The article

Michael Saylor

Michael has bought 38,250 bitcoin for his publicly traded company and about half that amount for himself. The company spent $450 million dollars in 2020. He has learned about bitcoin, mostly from the same content listed in this document, but he has gone on to produce a unique and powerful insight. It is worth listening to him. He appears on many podcasts, I’ve listened to more than half a dozen of them. This one is very good:

And this one, more philosophical, is also quite enjoyable to listen to

Interview with John Vallis. Link

And finally, if you have time, this monster series with Robert Breedlove.

Nayib Bukele

President/dictator of El Salvador – a passionate Bitcoiner.

Max Keiser


Static Lightning Address:

On-chain or Lightning

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