Using Electrum Desktop Wallet

I will add videos here over time as I go through various features of using this powerful Bitcoin Wallet.

Get Electrum

This video shows you how to …

  • Download Electrum
  • Verify gpg signatures
  • Install
  • Restore a wallet with a seed phrase
  • Avoid connecting to a public node on startup
  • And connecting to your own node.


In this video, I …

  • Import a random person’s Bitcoin address copied the blockchain (no private keys obviously)
  • Go through the process of making an unsigned transaction.
  • First attempt – A miners’ address with thousands of transactions – didn’t work because the MyNode on a Raspberry Pi can’t handle it.
  • Second attempt – A regular person’s address, but there was no available UTXO
  • Third attempt – Success.


This video shows how to setup a watch only (no private keys) Electrum Wallet using the ColdCard.

This video shows you how to generate a transaction in the Watch Only Electrum wallet, move it to the ColdCard to sign, then bring the signed transaction back to the Electrum Wallet to review and broadcast to a node (preferably your node!).

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