Threats to Bitcoin and FUD debunked

This is definitely not exhaustive but I will add to this list when I can.

This guy 🤦🏻
#1 – 51% Attack

Preston Pysch Interview with Jimmy Song. At 37 min 35 seconds, Jimmy explains the futility of the double spend attack. He also discusses a large re-org and the defence against it, where node operators can execute a command “disconnect block”. While it’s great this feature is available, I don’t know how to use it, and many others will not. Something for future awareness.

Andreas Antonopoulos explains the 51% Denial of Service attack and why it doesn’t work, and ultimately strengthens Bitcoin.

#2 – Quantum Computers

My dissection of this FUD

Preston Pysch Interview with Jimmy Song. At 42:00

#3 – Ethereum?

Preston Pysch Interview with Jimmy Song. At 47.24

An economic Analysis of Ethereum – Lyn Alden systematically tears Ethereum to shreads with zero bias. Audio: Reading by Guy Swann (Spotify link)

Ethereum needs to be money first – Arman The Parman

The maths of Ethereum price – Arman The Parman

#4 – Wastes Energy, Bad for Environment.

A great collection of resources here in this Tweet thread by @mtcbtc

Another one, possibly some overlap, by Giacomo Zucco.

Michael Saylor DESTROYS Bill Maher

Great work by Hass McCook

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